Which E-Cigarette would be best for me?

Here you can find information about the differences between the various types of e-cigarettes.

InSmoke OneWay
OneWay E-Cigarettes
OneWay e-cigarettes are e-smoke cigarettes which cannot be refilled or recharged. In general they are sufficient for about 500 inhalations and are thus equivalent to between 1 and 2 packets of conventional cigarettes. InSmoke OneWay e-cigarettes are often sold at petrol stations and trend shops as a gadget, the price is about CHF 9.90. They are a useful way of trying out e-cigarettes without investing much money. However, if you are seriously considering switching from conventional cigarettes to e-smoke products, you should buy a refillable and rechargeable model. In our shop we offer InSmoke OneWay in 10 different liquid flavours.

InSmoke Pocket
Micro E-Cigarettes
Micro e-cigarettes are so named as they are tiny, in general the same size as conventional cigarettes. New e-smoke users often prefer these models, as they look authentic and appear similar to their previous brands. However, we advise our customers that Micros do have some disadvantages: usually the cartridges cannot be refilled, and are mostly only available with nicotine-free liquids. Due to their dimensions, the batteries are less powerful and cannot be compared to the Power e-cigarettes - generally they deliver only about 400 inhalations, which may not be enough for all-day use. Bluedoor therefore recommends Micros only for new users who are aware of the disadvantages. We stock only the best Micros on the market: InSmoke Luxury and InSmoke Pocket.

Joyetech eCab
Mini E-Cigarettes
In comparison to Micros, Mini e-cigarettes are more poweful and are generally somewhat larger. The main differences may be found in the cartridges, which can be filled with both nicotine and nicotine-free liquids. In this category we stock InSmoke Slim and Joyetech eCab.

InSmoke Boost
Power E-Cigarettes
Power e-cigarettes such as InSmoke Boost, Joyetech eGo-C and the iTaste by Innokin are the best option for successfully switching to e-smoke products. The rechargeable batteries can deliver 800 - 1000 mAh and are sufficient for between 1 and 2 days of use for an average smoker. Power e-cigarettes are available as double sets (except iTaste) and generally have several replacement Atomizers. The Remizer capacity is larger than in previously described models, between 1.1 and 1.6 ml. Power e-cigarette batteries are not adjustable (except iTaste) and should be used with accessories made by the same manufacturer.

Joyetech eVic
VV/VW Battery Carriers
VV/VW battery carriers are modern batteries for e-cigarettes. They offer considerably more control than Power e-cigarettes. They can be set from 3-6 Volts or 3-15 Watts, permitting the Atomizer output to be adjusted. VV/VW battery carriers can thus be used with a variety of Atomizers, and have a power output of up to 2800 mAh. Most models have an LED display, permitting the charge level and voltage/output to be read. The Joyetech eVic has software for connection to a PC, enabling the performance of the e-cigarette to be analysed precisely. We recommend battery carriers to advanced users who have already had experience of Power e-cigarettes.

InSmoke Magoo
Self-Winder Evaporators
Self-Winders are evaporators which can be replaced by hand. This means only the heating coil is replaced, thus reducing costs. The coil is adjustable, for example more or less resistance, which will influence the quantity of vapour generated. 'Everyone to their own' is the motto here! Self-Winders are not suitable for new users.