Bluedoor Warranty Policy

Be aware: This text is auto-translated by for easier understanding! The german version is the original and legally binding version.

First of all, please make sure that the device is really defective, read the manual and look through Google/Youtube to see if the problem is already known/instructions are available. Make sure the batteries are charged and the product is properly assembled.

The warranty and guarantee period is defined to the legal warranty claims and is 24 months.

Excluded from this are wear parts as well as vaporizers.

Warranty expires in case of own fault and unkind handling*.

There is no warranty for:
Wear parts such as sealing rings, rubber caps, vaporizers and vaporizer heads, natural wear such as scratches, rust, color loss, etc., negligent handling of products, incorrectly used products/application errors, the natural loss of capacity of batteries (functional warranty when put into operation), damage due to penetration of liquid (condensate, liquid, water) - especially with batteries and battery carriers, incorrect manipulation, items without a purchase receipt, liquids (also unopened), hookah tobacco (also unopened), spirits (also unopened) and soft drinks (also unopened) as well as disposable/hygiene products are all excluded from the warranty. Drip tips, growshop items (except electronic items (e.g. lights, trimmers), see next chapter below), headshop, CBD, hemp and incense items, books and media.
E-cigarettes without outer packaging or serial number are also excluded from warranty and guarantee

All "disposable" products offered for purchase (vaporizers, cartomizers, tank vaporizers, tank depots, rubber caps, hygienic mouthpieces) come with DOA warranty. Under the DOA warranty agreement, disposable products are guaranteed to be in proper working order upon receipt by the purchaser. If a purchased disposable product is not claimed by the buyer within the first 48 hours of receipt, further warranty claims by the buyer are excluded.

*Fault of the buyer and unkind handling
The product to be returned must be in pristine order. Broken glasses or wobbly connectors will not be accepted, as this is due to unkind handling. A device with scratches and dents can not be returned, as this is own fault.