Warranty conditions

Please first make sure that the device really has a defect, read the manual and look through Google/Youtube to see if the problem is already known/instructions are available. Pay attention to charged batteries and correctly assembled products.

We offer 2 years warranty on all electronic devices such as lighting systems, trimmers, battery carriers and chargers.

Wearing parts and evaporators are excluded.

Guarantee expires in case of own fault and unkind handling*

There is no guarantee for capacity loss of batteries/accumulators, vaporizer heads and vaporizers, liquids, seals, drip tips, tanks and their glasses, coils, seals, growshop articles (except electronic articles (e.g. light, trimmer)), headshop, CBD, hempshop, smoked goods, books and media.

*Personal fault and unkind handling

The goods to be returned must be in perfect condition. Broken glasses or wobbly connections will not be accepted as this is due to careless handling. A device with scratches and dents cannot be returned, as this is your own fault.