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E-cigarettes are not the cause of diseases in the USA

As a supplier of e-cigarettes, we are committed to providing our customers with important information on e-cigarettes.

As there is currently a great deal of uncertainty due to the incidents in the USA, we would like to provide the latest and most important information here.

As reported increasingly by the Swiss media, there were several people in the USA who were admitted to hospital due to a lung disease. To date, six people have died. The cause was unknown, and e-cigarettes were suspected to be the cause of the disease. [1]

The symptoms of the disease included not only vomiting, tachycardia, heart failure and high blood pressure. Pneumonia has been described in many patients, which is commonly referred to as pneumonia. Dark spots in the lungs could be detected using imaging techniques.

It was obvious that something must have been inhaled acutely, which caused these symptoms and even led to the death of six people. However, since the devices, like the liquids, had nothing in common, they could not be clearly linked.

It would be surprising and implausible if, more than ten years after the introduction of the e-cigarette, acute illnesses were suddenly to occur in a highly frequent and systematic manner. In addition, the cases were geographically limited to the USA alone.

Commercial e-cigarettes are not the trigger

The lung disease can be traced back to illegal adulterated liquids circulating on the black market in the USA.

After most of the victims had consumed THC-containing liquids, which they acquired "on the street", it was clear that these were not commercially available products.

Accordingly, the US-American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had already published a report on 06.09.2019, in which THC containing liquids and the purchase of unknown cartridges is advised against. [2]

On 10.09.2019, a manufacturer of illegal THC-containing liquid cartridges was also accused of having circulated such products in large numbers since January 2018. [3]

Subsequently, a number of independent media engaged in research to determine the exact cause of the disease.

In addition to the synthetic THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, psychoactive substance), which cannot yet be excluded as one of the causes, the adulterated liquids also contained the substance vitamin E acetate (synthetic vitamin, provitamins). This was added to the liquids to make the liquid more viscous.
as well as THC appear to have a higher content. [4]

This was also addressed by the FDA in its communication, in which it also clearly stated that most of the cases are consequences of the consumption of contaminated THC [5] liquids.

These findings should make it clear that the cause for the incidents in the USA is not the commercial e-cigarette and the regularly sold liquids, but exclusively unregulated and drugged liquids that are sold illegally on the black market.

Thus, commercially available e-cigarettes such as those sold in Switzerland can be ruled out as the cause.
On the one hand the liquids in Switzerland are already standardized, on the other hand we point out that THC is illegal in Switzerland and therefore not contained in any commercial liquid.

Our InSmoke Liquids are produced according to Swiss quality standards, the ingredients are as follows
mainly from renowned food suppliers, and these are also listed in the product register for chemicals.
of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH [6].

Comments from experts

In mid-October 2019, a new guide on e-cigarettes will be published by Fachhochschulverlag Frankfurt a.M. / Verlag für angewandte Wissenschaft [9], which we will offer to e-cigarette consumers for sale via our online and offline channels after publication. The book councellor E-Zigarette - 2. edition we can warmly recommend. The book reflects above all objectively that the E-Cigarette is further to at least 95% less harmful compared with the tobacco smoke. Annually die approximately 10,000 persons in Switzerland at the consequences of smoking this are thus 26 deaths per day. [10]

Text from: Hemag Nova AG


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